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PSP Accessories

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PSP Accessories

The PSP doesn't have a whole lot of accessories, which makes sense because you don't want to weigh down your new portable with a bunch of extra add-ons. Several PSP accessories, including a camera, GPS Receiver, and a digital TV tuner are currently only available in Japan. But they might make it to Europe and the US in the future. Keep in mind that a few of the older PSP accessories are not compatible with the newer models.

  • Memory Stick Duo

    Memory Stick Duo

    If you could only buy one accessory for your PSP system, make it a Memory Stick Duo. Get a 4GB or 8GB version to get as many movies, photos, and MP3 files as possible onto your PSP.

  • Media Manager Pro for PSP


    Use Sony's Media Manager Pro software to simplify media management on your PSP. The program makes it easy to move photos, music, and videos from your PC to your PSP.

  • Headphones with Remote

    Headphones with Remote

    Sony released a new headphones and remote set to go along with the new PSP. The remote lets you navigate your music, videos, and photos.

  • Headset

    PSP Headset

    The PSP-3000 has a built-in microphone, but SOCOM players that have older PSP-2000 or PSP-1000 systems will need to get a headset to ensure full team communication.

  • AV Cable

    AV Cable

    The PSP slim may offer video-output capabilities, but the actual AV cables are sold separately. Pick up the composite AV cable set to connect the PSP to a TV. The cable set includes the composite video connector, as well as the left and right audio channels.

  • Component AV Cable

    Component AV Cable

    The component AV cable lets you connect the PSP to a TV using the component cable connectors. The cable set includes left and right audio channels, as well as the red, green, and blue video components.

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