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Name:   PS2 ModChip MOdbo4.0
ID:   335 Size:   
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Fully compatible with ps2 v3-v20 pal/usa/jap.
Upgrade from modbo3. 0, comes with the original 100% v1. 99
firmware, but it isn't upgradeable.
Comes with a mini size board, and the wiring point order is good for
Automatic selection for ps2/ps1/dvd supports.
Dvd region free incorporated! !
Software selectable "ps2 quick load" option. (to skip ps2 logo and
quick boot ps2 games! ! )
Software selectable "psx quick load" option. (to skip ps1 logo and
quick boot psx games! ! )
Easy to install. (only 18 wires for v1-v8 and 20 wires for v9, v10, v11,
v12, v13)
Cpld chip (3. 3v power supply) based ic for enhanced stability
Automatic "macrovision=off" on all ps2 from v3 to v16 without
additional wires! !
Automatic "green fix" (no more need to change the cable to see your
dvd movies on the ps2! ! )
Import games fix (all psx import games are played at full screen and
full color! ! )
Stealth-mode (the modchip can be switched off and becomes
invisible to online gaming)
Sleep-mode (the modchip will switch off itself after boot)
Supports dvd-9 games! !
Plays all the cd's and dvd's games (both, import or backup's)
Supports multi-disk games! !
Supports anti-mod ps1 games! ! (only for v9 - v16 ps2)
Very reliable (all the modchips are 100% tested before delivery)
Very stable (thanks to the sleep mode the ic will never overheat)
Cd lens safe (avoid cd lens damage by sending un-necessary signal
to the drive controller)
Support dev1 and dev2 for memorycard booting!
the latest news it can support 9000x console !

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