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Name:   PS2 Matrix Infinity 1.93
ID:   648 Size:   
Products Sort:   PS2 Modchip Weight:   0.005kg


Automatic selection for PS2/PS1/DVD. (Just insert any disc and modbo chip play it !!)
- DVD Region Free Incorporated !! - Full 512 Kb Flash Memory on board
- Easy to Install. (only 18 wires for V1-V8 and 20 wires for V9, V10, V11, V12,V13.) - IC based 3.3V for enhanced stability-
- Automatic green fix,no need to change the cable to see ur DVD movies on the PS2) - Direct boot for all the PS2 and PSX games
- Supports games on DVD-9 media !!
- Plays all the cd and dvd agmes and multi-disk games!!
- Supports anti-mod ps1 games!!(only for V9-V13 PS2)
- Supports HD combo. – Supports Dev1 and Dev2 .
- Supports datel 16MB memory cards and Neo memory card (No need anymore to use the swap CD!!)
- CD Lens Safe (Avoid CD lens damage by sending un-necessary signal to the Drive Controller)

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