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Name:   PS2 Matrix Infinity 1.99
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Matrix Infinity Mod chip is the best PS2 mod chip available - Made from Very high quality components

Made with Military Grade components for High Temperature tolerance

Modbo 745 is one of a few - PS2 Matrix Infinity Clones - Install diagrams are the same.

Auto detect functions fully support all versions of SCPH-70000 and SCPH 50000 Series.

Fully compatible with USA & Australian Playstation 2 Models SCPH 79002 SCPH 77002 SCPH 75002 SCPH 70002.

Fully compatible with USA & Australian PS2 Models SCPH 50002 SCPH 39002 SCPH 35002 SCPH 30002

Multi-disc games & Action Replay's disc swapping function supported.

Enhanced media compatibility and stability.

After booting, MATRIX INFINITY mod chip will get into sleep mode by switching off all its data

Support variety of media includes CD-R,CD-RW,DVD-R,DVD-RW,DVD+R,DVD+RW,DVD 5 and DVD 9 for both PSX and PS2

Support variety of Playstation 2 Media Players.

Compatible MP3/DIVX/JPEG

Support action replay Max.

Support variety of Games Emulators and Media Player

Xtra Boot mode Selectable Matrix Infinity Bios Features on Start up - Infinity Manager 1.99.


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