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Samsung Galaxy S9’s Camera Module & Fingerprint Sensor Leak

Date: 02-02-2018   Click: 1055

Two photographs depicting what are alleged to be the fingerprint reader and camera module of the Galaxy S9 appeared online earlier today, having been listed for sale on Spanish e-commerce platform SpainSellers, advertised as replacement parts. The images seen above are in line with recent reports about Samsung’s upcoming Android flagship, suggesting that the handset will retain the single-lens camera setup found on the Galaxy S8, though without clearly confirming recent rumors about a lens with a variable aperture. The overall shape of the prematurely listed fingerprint reader appears to be largely identical to the one featured on the 2017 flagship yet its orientation is now horizontal, with the position of its ribbon cable indicating the module will be placed beneath the main camera of the handset, as many recent leaks alleged.

The replacement camera unit is listed at €26.62 ($33.14), whereas the same seller is offering the spare fingerprint scanner for €21.78 ($27.12). It’s presently unclear whether the components are meant to be official, i.e. sourced from Samsung’s suppliers or the South Korean company itself, though their prices are indicative of that possibility. The appearance of the two modules comes shortly after supposedly official replacement batteries for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus also appeared online, suggesting third-party smartphone repair services managed to start stocking up on spare parts for Samsung’s next pair of ultra-premium Android devices. The development is in line with the expected product release schedule of the two smartphones that are set to be officially announced in the run-up to Barcelona, Spain-based MWC 2018 on February 25th and should hence begin retailing by mid-March.

According to an overwhelming number of recent reports, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus won’t be a significant visual departure from the aesthetic of their predecessors, though their Infinity Display panels are expected to feature less aggressively curved sides, whereas their bottom bezels are rumored to be somewhat slimmer. Both devices should be powered by the latest chips from Qualcomm and Samsung, depending on the region, though the Galaxy S9 is said to be a more significant upgrade in the performance department compared to the 2017 lineup, with its base model supposedly featuring 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal flash memory.

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