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NDS i Hardware

Date: 03-27-2009   Click: 2518
  • Includes (2) 0.3 Megapixel VGA Cameras
  • 256MB Internal Flash Memory - Samsung kmapf0000m-S998 MOVI NAND - MMC Interface
  • 128Mbit RAM - NEC uPD 46128512AF1 - DDR RAM with SRAM interface, less for ARM to do
  • (2) 3.25 Inch Displays
  • Backwards compatible with Nintendo DS games but not GBA games as the lack of a gameboy cartridge port.
  • ARM11 cpu clocked at 133mhz in real mode and under clocked to 66mhz for compatibility mode.
  • PAIC3000D Sound Chip - possibly a TI codecs: AIC3  ????
  • Mitsumi (MM3317A) - Power supply and charger circuit ????
  • Images:


    The socket to the left of the ARM processor is the wifi chip socket.



    Glamor Shot:


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