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PS3 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions!)

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2) What is Blu-ray?
Blu-ray is a next-generation media format geared toward high definition entertainment. Blu-ray will hold 25 GB on a single-layer disc and 50 GB on a
dual-layer disc. Blu-ray enjoys broader support from leading companies around the world. Blu-ray players will also be backward compatible with regular DVDs. In terms of gaming, it will offer developers more room to create realistic gaming experience. For in depth discussion of Blu-Ray technology, please go to Blu-Ray section of our site.

3) What is Cell Broadband Engine?
It is an advanced microprocessor developed by Sony, SCEI, IBM, and Toshiba. Cell Broadband Engine incorporates up to eight Synergistic Processor Unit. It is more powerful and efficient than the previous single core processors found in older systems and computers.

4) What is HDMI?
HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. It is an industry standard interface that allows uncompressed all-digital audio/video interface.

5) What is multi-axis system found in PS3 controllers?
It is motion sensing system found in PS3 controller. It does not require extra motion sensing device. Game developers are able to incorporate motion sensing function in their games for better gaming experience.

7) Can PSP work with PS3?
PSP can be incorporated to work with PS3 in various ways. It can act as remote control or addition viewing angle for certain games. It is ultimately up to game developers and PS3 community to come up with new and interesting way to use PSP and PS3 together.

8) Can you play PS1, PS2, and DVD movies on PS3?
You can play almost all of PS1 and PS2 games. Regular DVDs will work without any problem on PS3.

9) Is there online capability for PS3 games?
Yes gamers are able to compete over the internet for free of charge. Plus, many games are available for purchase through Playstation Network.

10) What happened to dual-HDMI ports and gigabit connections?
It was removed for cost saving reasons.

11) What is the battery life for wireless PS3 controllers?
The controllers contain non-removable Li-ion battery has play time of 30 hours between charges. The wireless remote can be played from distance of up to 265 feet.

12) Will PS2 controller work with PS3?
No. There is no port to connect PS2 controllers.

13) What is the speed of the Blu-ray drive in PS3?
Blu-ray drive will be 2X speed which translates to 72Mbps. It will read DVDs at 8X and CDs at 24X speed.

14) What other storage options are available for PS3?
Memory stick, SD and CompactFlash can be used. You might also be able to use regular USB storage devices.

15) Are PS1 and PS2 memory cards compatible with PS3?
Sony will release an adaptor that will allow players to copy and use their old PS1 and PS2 memory cards.

16) What is the spec for Cell processor?
Cell processor contains one PowerPC based core and seven addition Synergistic Processing Unit. Both PowerPC and Synergistic processors will run at 3.2GHz and contain 512KB L2 cache and 256kb cache respectively.

17) Who made the graphic chip for the PS3?
Nvidia created the graphic chip solution for the PS3. The chip, code named RSX, runs at 550MHz and is capable of displaying 1080p.

18) What kind display can PS3 handle?
It can handle 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p

19) What kind of audio system will PS3 support?
It will support Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, and DTS.

20) What type of network connection will PS3 support?
It supports Ethernet port, Wi-Fi and 802.11b/g connectivity.

21) How much do the games cost?
They are all around $59.99. The downloadable games vary in cost.

22) Where can I find more information about Playstation 3?
More of the console’s features can found at PS3 Tech Specification.

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