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PS3 update means better chat, improved friends list

Date: 04-09-2009   Click: 1888

Sony has announced details of its upcoming firmware update for the PlayStation 3. It will include a new text chat feature, friends list improvements and the ability to transfer purchased PSP videos to the PS3 for viewing.

While Sony said the update will be available soon, there are reports that it’s online now.

“Through the new text chat feature, PS3 owners can chat with their friends . . . Users can participate in up to three persistent chat rooms at once, and each room can host up to 16 users. Text chat can be accessed while playing PS3 games,” Sony said in a statement.

Version 2.70 will also allow gamers to sort their PlayStation Network friends by online status.

“Online friends will still be sorted in alphabetical order, while offline friends will be sorted by when they were last online, with the most recent being first,” said Sony.

 PS3 owners will also be able to attach larger files to messages sent to their friends with the file size limit increasing to 3MB from 1MB.

On the video front, video files bought from the PlayStation Store will be able to be backed up to an external storage device.

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