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Top 5 Things We Want in the PSP-4000

Date: 04-09-2009   Click: 1874

Additional rumors have surfaced from Eurogamer since the initial rumblings of a PSP-version 2, or PSP-4000. The new iteration will get rid of the battery draining and much reviled UMD drive and feature a compact, sliding screen.

The screen will be the same as the one currently found in the PSP-3000. If true, this will be disappointing news given the fact that the PSP-3000 suffers from interlacing problems that lead to image ghosting in 2-D games. Hopefully the PSP-4000 can address these problems while maintaining the brightness and clarity of the current screens.

The sliding screen is an interesting notion that got us thinking about what other cool new features Sony can add to make the PSP-4000 the ultimate killer portable:

1) QWERTY Keyboard -- If Sony can integrate a QWERTY keyboard beneath the screen like in popular texting phones, the handheld can become a attractive platform for the internet addict in all of us. We can use it for chatting-on-the-go by updating Twitter, instant messengers, or MySpace accounts, or in online multiplayer games (like Resistance: Retribution or Monster Hunters; and make it a viable system for fanboy dream ports like Phantasy Star Online, World of Warcraft, or Final Fantasy Online).

Searching and surfing the internet would also be so much easier. Inputting redemption codes or credit card info in the PSN store or typing things (like character names) during game play would be speedier. Of course, this also depends on improving the PSP's wi-fi capabilities, because as it stands now, internet surfing on the PSP is slow as molasses.

2) Second Analog Nub -- Hopefully, Sony can also add a second analog nub that gamers and developers have been clamoring for since the PSP's inception. Think about it -- finally, a proper interface for twin-stick shooters and FPS. The control scheme for games like Resistance: Retribution, Stardust Portable, and Me & My Katamari would have been so much better with another nub, it's practically a disservice to have it any other way.

3) Bluetooth Support -- We love handheld systems for a reason: portability. If we're playing an online multiplayer game and want to voice-chat with squad members, the last thing we want are headphone wires dangling in the way of the action. The PS3 has Bluetooth, so we know it can be done.

4) Flash 9 and DIVX Support -- Again, we don't understand why the PS3 and PSP development teams dislike each other so much that they'd cut off communication. The PS3 has had divx and Flash 9 support for a while now, why not the PSP? The two teams should really work on synergizing their development efforts.

5) Extended Battery Pack -- Can we finally get an extended battery pack that's not the PSP-phat size? On road-trips, we hate the anxiety of guessing whether or not there's enough juice to make it through a movie. We want a battery pack that actually fits flush in the PSP-slim without having to buy a bulky replacement cover. It just doesn't feel right and doesn't fit well in carrying cases.

* Bonus Wish: On-board Flash Memory -- It'd be great if the system has on-board memory. Flash memory is dirt cheap nowadays and is a great hard-drive solution. How about slapping some memory into there? Having a large internal memory cache will speed up internet surfing and the loading of game assets. This is extreme wishful thinking since Sony likes to sell these little proprietary things called Memory Sticks.



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