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Liteon DG-16D2S Firmware Update Using The CK3 In Windows

Date: 04-15-2009   Click: 7329


The Liteon DG-16D2S Xbox 360 DVD Drive is a new model with a completely new method of flashing. Full credits go to Team Jungle for iXtreme 1.5 !

The instructions are the same for both the Connectivity Kit 3 Pro & Lite (Unless Specified). The tutorial assumes that you are using Windows XP.

First you must have a PC with SATA that supports Legacy / Non-Raid Mode or a compatible SATA Card (Such as the VIA 6421). There are many different devices that support this (Intel, VIA, nForce etc). Our test rig uses a VIA 6421 Sata Card. Please note that there are reports with users having trouble with VIA cards, however we have had no such problems when using this tutorial. The key is simply to power cycle the CK3/DVD each time you use it (turn CK3 power off, unplug sata cable from dvd, plug sata cable back in, turn CK3 power on. Works every time for us. If you do have trouble with the VIA card (PC freezing etc) simply follow this Noob's Guide

1. We are first assuming that you have dissasembled your 360 and removed the DVD drive, If you haven't yet follow this tutorial.

2. You will now need to remove the backplate from the Liteon DG-16D2S DVD Drive. There are just 4 screws and you can use a Philips cross-head screwdriver. Note where the red circle marks on the PCB, that is the tx point where you will connect the CK3 Probe. (See Image 1).

                              Image 1

2. Connect power from the CK3 to the Hitachi DVD using the CK3 Probe blue power cable (the end that has the black Probe cable is the end that plugs to the DVD Drive - See Image 2) (make sure the connections are the right way around - there are guides on the connectors to help you - plug in the wrong way around and you will damage the drive or CK3 - remember it's a power cable). Connect a molex power source to the CK3 (to be safe make sure the CK3 power switch is set to OFF). Connect the SATA cable from the DVD drive to your PC SATA. To connect the USB (CK3 PRO) or Serial Cable (CK3 LITE) to the PC USB or SERIAL PORT (See Image 4) you first need to make sure you have the PortIO32 drivers installed (plus the CK3 USB drivers if you have the CK3 PRO) See Image 5. Now turn the CK3 power switch to ON. To check the power cable is working press the eject switch so that the tray ejects. Once ejected manually push the tray half in, this must be done for the key dumping to work. The led should also be blue on the CK3 (Modeb Off), and blue on the CK3 Probe. See Image3 to show how everything should look.

                                  Image 2

                               Image 3

                                      Image 4

3. If you haven't already, download the latest Jungle Flasher GUI app. Once opened click on the DVDKey32 tab and then select the correct SATA port (in this case the correct port is 0x1420) & COM Port (in this case COM 3). You will notice that the Liteon details should list under drive properties. Connect the CK3 Probe to the correct tx point on the Liteon PCB so the green LED is lit (See Image 5) and then click the "Get Key" button. (See Image 6)

TROUBLESHOOTING NOTE: If you are using onboard SATA and still have problems, go into the bios and disable AHCI and enable Legacy IDE mode.

                                     Image 5

                               Image 6

4. You will now be asked to save the key.bin, inquiry.bin & identify.bin files (See Images 7, 8 & 9). Of course it is important that you make sure that the drive key looks good. Without this you are screwed. To be 100% try to dump it a few times and see if its the same each time.


If your drive key is 000000000 = Your tray is not half way correctly (probably too much in or you didn't press eject on the CK3 and push the tray half way in manually) (See Image 3)

If your drive key is CCCCCCCC = You need to power cycle the CK3 (Turn power off, unplug SATA cable from DVD, plug SATA cable back in, turn CK3 power ON), or you have not connected the TX point correctly with the CK3 Probe (or not soldered correctly if you do not have the Probe)

                            Image 7

                                Image 8

                                  Image 9
5. Now select the MTKFlash 32 tab and hit the erase button. Follow the prompts carefully!! You will have to power cycle the drive (turn CK3 power on/off - do it quickly though, 1 second max) to return the correct ID of the drive (0x72) and to prevent your computer freezing when using VIA cards. After power cycle, drive should return status 0x72 and display the drives Flash information. If it does not, click Device ID and power cycle as prompted. If still not successful then you did not successfully erase the drive. (See Image 10)

                                  Image 10
6. Once the drives flash information is displayed correctly (MXIC (MX25L2005) you are now ready to write !! Click on the Firmware Tool 32 tab and select "Load from dump files" and select your key/inquiry/identify .bin files. (See Images 11 to 16)

                                Image 11

                                  Image 12

                                   Image 13

                              Image 14

                                 Image 15

                                 Image 16
7. You will be asked to save a dummy.bin file. Click save. (See Image 17)

                                  Image 17
8. Now click "Open Target Firmware" (See Image 18) and select the ix15-liteon.bin firmware. (See Image 19).

                                   Image 18

                                       Image 19
9. Now click "Spoof Source To Target" (See Image 20). Then click "Save to File". (See Image 21). The hacked firmware will autoname as Lite_CFW.bin - click the Save button (See Image 22).

                                    Image 20

                                  Image 21

                                       Image 22
10. Now go back to the MTK Flash 32 tab and click the "Write" button. (See Image 23)

                                     Image 23
11. It should automatically take the Liteon firmware you loaded in the Firmware 32 tab and flash to the drive. It will automatically verify flash. If verified you are done ! (See Images 23 & 24)
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