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Japan: Sony resurgent, Nintendo “unhealthy”

Date: 04-16-2009   Click: 1557

Big drama in Japan, where Famitsu’s quarterly software chart has revealed that four of the top five titles are on Sony formats. Playstation 3 games in a surprisingly close second and third place too. Read it and weep, Nintendoids:

1. Mario & Luigi RPG 3 – 467,891 (DS)
2. Yakuza 3 – 459,876 (PS3)
3. Resident Evil 5 – 428,545 (PS3)
4. Monster Hunter Portable 2 G (BEST) – 356,305 (PSP)
5. Shin Sangoku Musou: Multi Raid – 355,784 ( PSP)
6. Wii Fit – 301,609 (Wii)
7. Rhythm Heaven – 300,753 (DS)
8. Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 – 296,037 (PSP)
9. Wagamama Fashion: Girls Mode – 243,240 (DS)
10. Taiko no Tatsujin Wii – 220,550 (Wii)

Okay, so Nintendo still has five of the top ten games (most on DS, we note) and the number one spot all to itself. Even so, this latest turn of events cannot be good news for the Japanese giant, especially following so soon after news that the PS3 is outpacing the Wii in Japan for the first time in nearly two years – 150,000 sold versus the Wii’s 100,000 last week!

On that score, Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata has already acknowledged that Wii sales are in an "unhealthy condition" at the moment and that something must be done to reverse the trend pronto. Sadly, and contrary to all common sense, it seems that an immediate hardware discount cut will not be on the cards. Instead Nintendo is betting the farm on titles like Wii Sports Resort and the forthcoming MotionPlus accessory. Whether that’ll be enough to put the brakes on the Sony comeback juggernaut remains to be seen. On the basis of what we're seeing we’re thinking perhaps not...

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