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Sony trademarks ‘Spacehawk’

Date: 04-16-2009   Click: 1558

Sony trademarks ‘Spacehawk’

Sony trademarks ‘Spacehawk’

A ‘star wars’ themed follow-up to the PlayStation 3 game Warhawk would appear to be in the works if the latest rumours ring true.

Sony Computer Entertainment America has recently filed for a trademark listed under “Spacehawk” and detailed as “a computer or video game and operating a real-time game for others over a global and local area computer network.”

And that’s about it really! Other than to add that a very cryptic studio head at newly formed LightBox Interactive Studio, Dylan Jobe, seems close to confirming the project for PlayStation 3. Although an official announcement can only come from Sony. Jobe was originally at Incognito Entertainment, the team responsible for Warhawk. He left Incognito to form his own company and it looks like Sony prefers to keep the “…hawk” franchise in Jobe’s capable hands.

More when there is more…

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