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How do I use a PlayStation®Network Card or PlayStation®Network Voucher Code ?

Date: 05-01-2009   Click: 75377

A PlayStation Network Voucher Code is a special code that gives the user the ability to download a specific piece or pieces of PlayStation Network content, such as a specific game title, an exclusive demo, a game title add-on, etc. These voucher codes are sometimes included in some limited edition bundle packs, Qore episodes, game preorders, etc.

PlayStation®Network (PSN) Cards are special codes that consumers can use to add funds to their PlayStation®Wallet without using a credit card. The PSN Card must be redeemed on a PlayStation®Network Master account (i.e. not Sub Accounts).

Currently, PSN Cards are only redeemable by PlayStation Network accounts with a United States address.

When redeemed, a PSN Card will place the full amount of the card into the account's PlayStation®Wallet. The funds can be used to purchase content from the PlayStation Store.

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PlayStation Wallet Limit

The PlayStation Wallet has a limit (see Maximum amount that can be in a PlayStation Network wallet for details). If the face value of the card added to your remaining funds in your account puts your Wallet balance above the limit, you will not be able to add the funds from the PSN card until the PSN card doesn't put the Wallet amount above the limit (adding partial funds of a PSN card is not possible.)

How to use a PlayStation Network Card or PSN voucher code

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Downloading Items from a Voucher

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