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Working Homebrew Loader Released for PSP 3000

Date: 05-07-2009   Click: 2020

A major breakthrough was achieved in the homebrew community today, as hackers Davee and Bubbletune released a public version of their chickHEN Homebrew Enabler. This hack affects all models of the PSP, including later versions of the PSP 2000 motherboard and the recent PSP 3000, which had proven difficult to unlock.

This PSP 3000 HEN exploit uses an image on the PSP memory stick to crash and then reboot the system in an altered firmware environment that allows homebrew applications to run. Interestingly, the developers have locked out pirates for the moment, stating that their homebrew loader will not allow ISO copies of pirated games or even PSX backups to run. For the moment, only independently coded homebrew applications like Nester J and Guitar Star will work with ChickHEN.

What does the ChickHEN do?

ChickHEN as a Homebrew Enabler that allows the execution of homebrew directly from the XMB. The program uses a vulnerability in the way the PSP reads TIFF images. By viewing a specifically altered image, the launcher performs by a kernel exploit and reboots into a homebrew enabled enviroment. The ChickHEN remains active until the PSP is fully reset in which case official firmware loads from the flash. ChickHEN unlike other HENs, doesn't touch the flash0 and resides completely in memory. There is a small risk of bricking your PSP with any unauthorized homebrew use, and users should proceed at their own risk.

What ChickHEN does NOT do?

-Run ISO, CSO or any other form of UMD backup.
-Run PSX Games
-Touch The Flash of your beloved PSP
-Allow the use of Custom Firmware
-Load plugins

If you would like to know more about this new PSP 3000 exploit, we recommend that you see Davee's personal website.


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