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Custom Firmware on PSP-3000’s - GEN-A CFW released!!

Date: 06-08-2009   Click: 5860
5.03 GEN-A Custom Firmware loaded and ready to go

5.03 GEN-A Custom Firmware loaded and ready to go

Break open the bubbly as we now finally have Custom Firmware on PSP-3000’s!! Thanks to GENyUS, PSPGen and Davee’s ChickHEN. With the use of ChickHEN R2 were able to load up into a full 5.03 GEN-A Custom Firmware enviroment. PSX games now work and so do legal ISO & CSO files. So quit demanding ChickHEN R3 ISO/CSO support and start downloading!


# COMPATIBILITY PSP-3000 and PSP-2000 v3
o Reading of plays PS1
o Reading of the backups of plays PSP
o GEN VSH FINELY available
o Recovery in VSH available (some bugs remains to be regulated - to see further)
o Access to the PSN

Known Bugs:

The RECOVERY MODE of the 5.02GEN-A was patché to turn on the PSP-3000. It makes it possible to modify the majority of the usual options. Note that we some problems with this recovery in VSH and will undoubtedly have to be awaited a patch encounters correction so that it is functional at 100%. Note that SMALL GEN VSH functions, him, very well.

Here menus and their equivalents:

* Togle USB = OK
* configuration ok
o Sony skip: do not go (useless thus not engraves)
o Hide corrupt let us icons = walk not and activeSkip Sony logo
o range folder HB ok
o autorun EBOOT ok
o fake area ok
o use vsh finely ok
o XMB USB Device ok
o Charge device with usb ok
o Use M33 network update ok
o use version TXT ok
o hide MAC ok

* use range ok categories
* Reboot in official firmware > nonfunctional
* Run program At = Finely advanced
* advanced = CPU SPEED
* CPU SPEED = Plugins
* plugins = registry hack
* registry hack = suspends device
* device = reboot in official firmware suspends
* Reset system = quit

Put besides that all functions and we will try to correct this as fast as possible.

Source: PSPGen

Download: 5.03 GEN-A Custom Firmware for HEN

(5.03 GEN-A

Custom Firmware
for HEN - 445.5 KiB - 288 Hits)

Download: CHickHEN R2 for Firmware 5.03

(CHickHEN R2 for Firmware 5.03 - 189.1 KiB - 26,761 Hits)
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