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New 16 GB Memory Stick Makes PSP Go Pointless

Date: 06-26-2009   Click: 757

Did you know that you can buy a 16GB Memory Stick Pro Duo for only $74 dollars? We didn't, until the high price of the PSP Go caused us to check into it, and what we found was surprising. Basically, with the exception of Bluetooth functionality, anybody could have the equivalent of a PSP Go right now for less money than the device is expected to cost when it arrives in October!

The PSP Go ditches the clunky UMD optical drive in favor of a smaller form factor and 16 GB of onboard flash memory. Games will be distributed exclusively over the PSN download service, something that current PSP owners can access as well. Everyone believed that the reason for the high price ($250) of the device was due to the presence of all this extra storage. However, the truth is that prices for memory - even removable media - have dropped immensely. There is simply no way to explain, or justify, the high asking price for the PSP Go.

A brand new PSP-2000 (the one with extra ram and a lighter form factor) currently costs $169.99, although it is possible to find new units on sale for less. Added to the price of a 16GB memory stick, and the total comes to $245, several bucks cheaper (and 4 months sooner) than the PSP Go. And by the way, that memory stick is not a cheap knockoff, either. It is Sony's own high-speed brand!

Our advice? Skip the wait for new hardware and grab a bigger memory stick if you are in need of extra space for all your media downloads. The $74 deal mentioned above can be found here.


Sony's new 16 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo has made the PSP Go meaningless.

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