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Xbox 360 beta taking place, but what's being tested?

Date: 06-27-2009   Click: 628

If a certain achievement page appearing on a number of profiles are anything to go by, it seems an Xbox 360 beta may be taking place. At the time of writing, four profiles (who won’t be identified to prevent them from receiving an inbox full of “OMG wut iz dis beta!?!?”) have the beta appearing on their recent games. Whilst the achievement page for the beta doesn’t give much away, it’s the achievement image which appears to be the more interesting, and it looks a little bit like this:

Designed in a style we are very much used to, possibly the most interesting thing about the image is the “09” positioned at the bottom right hand corner. An Xbox 360 beta in 2009, four years on from the console’s release? What is Microsoft up to? Are they testing out the new social networking features on the Xbox 360 or is it something bigger? Feel free to speculate by leaving a comment.

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