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PSP Go Has Faster Processor Speed

Date: 07-04-2009   Click: 6518

Although it includes bluetooth support and 16 GB of on-board memory, the PSP Go has been billed more as a hardware upgrade than as a totally new successor to the current PSP lineup. Technically, the internal specifications of the PSP Go are basically the same as the original PSP phat. Or are they? A new discovery in the FCC document filing for the PSP Go reveals that the new hardware can run at speeds about 40% faster than the current model, which is capped at 333 MHz. Firmware limitations could internally limit the speed of the PSP Go to 333 MHz in order to match the performance of current models, but the FCC documents clearly specify that the new processor can run at 480 MHz. This is a significant increase that could improve the visuals of new and old games, particulalry in terms of framerate, lighting, and effects.

This news is definitely encouraging considering all of the negative press the PSP Go has been receiving lately. Let's hope Sony finds a way to take advantage of all this extra power without alienating existing PSP owners. They might want to look tot he iPhone, where the introduction of a powerful new 3GS model will require that games scale between new and old models.


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