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PSP Firmware 5.55 Spotted On Demonstration Unit

Date: 07-06-2009   Click: 1459

PSP Firmware 5.55 Spotted On Demonstration Unit


An eagle-eyed attendee of the Paris-based Japan Expo happened to notice that one of the PSP demonstration units on display to showcase Soulcalibur Broken Destiny was running a yet-unreleased firmware 5.55. No visible changes were observed, so if we had to wager a guess, this is another minor update. Nevertheless, it piques our interest, leading us to believe that the update could be game-specific or was designed to further patch up security holes that have cropped up within the past couple months, much to Sony’s dismay.

As we have witnessed in the past, not all firmware updates are released through the traditional means of Network Update and instead are kept solely to UMD discs, so whether this one will see the light of day is unknown at this point. We’d assume that official word will be coming from Sony soon if so.

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