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Hands On: Photos of Sony’s PSPgo

Date: 07-11-2009   Click: 759

Gadgetell‘s editor, Iyaz Akhtar, recently got a chance to hold Sony’s PSPgo handheld system at Digital Experience in New York City and is sharing his photos with us.

From the photos you can see the system playing several videos (Family Guy, 24 and Paul Blart: Mall Cop). The system has the familiar “Sony” and “PSP” logos on it but nothing that includes the “go” element.

Click though the photo album for better views and a comparison shot of the PSPgo next to the pink Hanna Montana PSP.

The PSPgo will be available October 1, 2009, will play games, has a flip-up screen, will play various media types and will include Bluetooth and 802.11b WiFi.

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