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Name:   Xbox360 Hard Drive 120GB
ID:   554 Size:   20.5*8.5*4.5
Products Sort:   Xbox360 Accessorice Weight:   0.35kg


Save games & music, downloaded trailers, levels, demos and community-created content from the Xbox Live Marketplace and more
Download new content from Xbox Live, and play an array of original Xbox games
120 GB and detachable

Installation and removal of hard disk
  1 install
Turn off the power of mainframe computer.
Remove the protective cover in the hard disk slot edge of the bottom of the back-end hard disk slot
Place your hard disk into the hard drive slot, the thin end intoInsert the facing the rear panel  the host front panel, thick at one end nd should be against the bottom .

The hard disk back-eSATA interface to the slot of the host until the sound of shrapnel fastens
  2 remove
    Turn off the power of mainframe computer.
        Press the Shrapnel in the front of the hard disk, and then remove the hard disk.
   keep the hard disk interface slot and hard disk interface away from the touch by fingers or metal objects, preventing electrostatic damage to the hard disk.






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