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    China Headquarters

    Name Of Contact Person: Chen GuoZhi

    Address: 403Room No.31 Zhen'an Road Liwan District

    City: GuangZhou

    Country: China

    Zip Code: 510130

    TEL: 0086-20-81921092

    FAX: 0086-20-62883311

    Please dont hesitate to contact with our sale manager if you have any questions or contact us.

    US Headquarters

    Name Of Contact Person: Chris Peters

    Address: 109 Opossum Lane

    City: Shohola    

    State: Pennsylvania

    Country: USA

    Zip Code: 18458

    TEL: 267-918-9084

    FAX: 215-543-3211

    TEL: 0086-20-81277640
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