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Name:   PSP2000 TA-088v3 Motherboard
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As of this month, there have been reports of newer Slim models utilizing the TA-088 motherboards rendering Despertar del Cementerio (DC), Pandora, and Time Machine useless.

The new motherboard blocks Custom/unsigned IPLs from loading from the memory stick; that’s likely a result of the kernel 1.50 & 3.40 mix. With that said, we won’t see a new version of DC — Dark_AleX’s universal unbricker — until the revamped core and interface is finished. So in the meantime, be careful.

A post on the Dark AleX blog addressed the problems with running Despertar del Cementerio, Pandora, and Time Machine on certain PlayStation Portable Slim and Lite with TA-088 motherboards.

According to the announcement posted by webmaster Alek, the IPL used for the three applications doesn’t work. Now interestingly enough, IPLs can still be run from the Memory Stick, but are limited to those signed by Sony. This in turn “will probably block the actual way of running your cfw’s, as you couldn’t even load on this NANDs the custom IPLs with different signature.” He explained the problem further:

Even though, IPL is not the problem, but probably the mixed kernel of 1.50&&3.40, and it will be the best option to use a new kernel on Despertar del Cementerio future versions.

So what does this mean for homebrew users? Well, a “new Dc version will not be released till the new Core and interface is finished.” So does this mean that they’ll find a way to get around the problem? Most definitely. All they need is a little time.

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